Hunt For Dreams Scavenger Hunt – September 17, 2017

On a beautiful, unseasonably warm September day (30+ degrees…but we aren’t complaining), we held our first Hunt for Dreams event in Toronto’s famous Kensington Market neighborhood.  It was an exciting afternoon of friendly competition, mad dashes and lots and lots of instagraming to raise dollars.

Eight teams for a total of 31 participants joined us for a scavenger hunt that took them through the nooks and narrows of one of Toronto’s hippest hoods. Teams had just 90 minutes to find the answers to 50+ clues and document their findings on Instagram with their entire team at each location. Check out the teams various adventures on Instragram using #hunt4dreams

Teams met back at the final rallying point, Kensington institution SuperMarket bar, promptly after 90mins for prizes and socializing. All prizes were generously donated and our big winners were The Canadian Tuxedo’s for best costume and Scavenger Hunt Squad took the first place prize for successfully hunting down the most clues!

In addition to being a really fun event we were successfully able to raise over $900! We would like to extend a big Thank You to all those that participated and donated, as well as to SuperMarket for hosting us after the scavenger hunt!

IMG_1439 scavengerhuntwinners-scavengerhuntsquad


Progress report and Updates- Edmund Rice

We are so excited to share the progress of the kids as they prepare for their final examinations at the end of the month of June. These letters were written in March sharing us their experience – take a read to learn about their Results, Clubs and interests.  As the semester comes to a close they are preparing for their examinations. Their results will be shared in August and we will be sure to keep you posted on their successes!

Birthday Celebrations Giving Gifts of Education


On Friday, January 27th,  great friends came together to celebrate Darren’s birthday. Darren has been a long time supporter of Dreaming For Kids, both raising funds and mentoring our team to execute successful events. Naturally, Darren’s birthday bash was a great success. Instead of gifts, Darren’s request was to help raise $375 for our sponsorship fund. These efforts were for our newest recipients, Janet, Prisca, and Aloisi’s room and board for the year. We are overwhelmed and so grateful to everyone who helped raise $720 in one night! This impact has provided room and board, as well school shoes to all five of our sponsorship recipients Amiri, Swaif, Aloisi, Janet, and Prisca!  Darren, through the years you have helped us raise over $2,200 covering two kids’ tuition for the year. Words cannot express how grateful we are. On behalf of the DFK team, thank you for providing the best gift anyone could ask for; an education.

Welcoming Janet, Prisca & Aloisi to Edmund Rice

Thanks to all of your generous support, we have had another successful year!!  This year three additional children from Good Hope Orphanage have had the opportunity to graduate from elementary school, including Janet and Prisca, the first girls to graduate and become recipients of our Sponsorship program. They along with Aloisi will join Amiri and Swaif at Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School! These students from Arusha, Tanzania — all five of Good Hope’s graduates— would have little ability to attend secondary school without your generous donations. Asante sana! That’s Swahili for “thank you very much!”

Carolyn’s Story

In early 2016 I decided that I was going to travel to Tanzania later that summer and I was introduced to Cari, who told me about her time at Good Hope School and Orphanage in Arusha. She shared with me her incredible experiences and how she was so taken aback by the kids that she co-founded Dreaming for Kids to help support the development of these children.

Fast forward to June 2016, when I had the privilege of actually visiting the school and orphanage one morning with my mother. Right off the bat, we realized that Cari had not been over exaggerating- this truly is a special place. Upon arrival, we were impressed by the older students writing their exams on desks spread across the field, and by Swaif and Amiri, the two oldest children at the orphanage who were our tour guides for our visit. They were on a holiday break from secondary school, and were poised and earnest guides, taking us around the school and introducing us to the classes where we were warmly greeted by songs and smiles. We were also greeted by Ally, the orphanage coordinator, who ensured we were in good hands.

The school and orphanage share the same property, and you can feel the sense of community when you walk around and meet the children and the staff. With colourful walls and paintings, it is a welcoming environment, and the orphanage itself is very bright and clean. The staff and children genuinely seemed happy and spoke with us and took photos for a couple of hours; when we finally had to leave we felt overwhelmed with emotions and happiness.

Thank you to the Dreaming for Kids team for supporting these incredible children!


Mary Kay Connection

Our co-founders Talia and Cari reunited with their Mary Kay family in Ottawa at the Mary Kay Stoker Area Retreat where 500+ men and women were in attendance. Three years ago, these generous people were an integral part of DFK’s first successes, building the last classroom Good Hope needed to graduate students from elementary school, as well as a building a computer lab. Mary Kay kindly invited us back this year to fundraise at their event. We kicked off the weekend with a presentation to the group showcasing our milestones and the wonderful progress made by the kids at Good Hope Orphanage and now thanks to everyone’s support, Edmund Rice Secondary School.  Over the course of the day, this incredibly generous group helped us raise over $2400 towards our secondary school sponsorship program, particularly to support sending Aloisi and Prisca with their first year tuition fees. Their continued support is appreciated more than we can express.

What We’re Thankful For 2016

It’s hard to believe October is here and in the spirit of thanksgiving the DFK team has so much to be thankful for! 

Last thanksgiving we were graced with the generosity of Theresa and Dave, who shared their wedding love and providing one years sponsorship to one or our newest recipients, Prisca who will enter Edmund Rice this upcoming January . 

This year it’s our new friend Carolyn Silver who I was fortunate to meet at Dalhousie University. In learning about her post graduate trip and kind and loving spirit, I knew she would love volunteering  with our extended family at Good Hope Orphanage! It was truly amazing to see photos of their smiling faces and hear Carolyn’s experience. We are so glad we can share the unforgettable joy that these kids bring into your lives no matter how short the visit!

To our family and friends who have supported us from the beginning, to our new friends who are so eager to lend a hand, and those who are still getting to know us we wish you all a thanksgiving filled with lots of love and laughter! 

Grad House Karaoke

On December 4, 2015 the Grad House opened their doors for the second time to Dreaming For Kids. With the help of Dharma Sushi, Mother’s pizza and Dalhousie’s MBA cohort it was the prefect pre exam karaoke event.

The night kicked off with the help of Romo who sang “Hey Ho” with me, Kurt who manned the karaoke “machine” (his computer) and 20 students who were ready to sing.  

The unforgettable duo of Percho and Tilly singing Angel by Shaggy and Mike who sang an amazing rendition of Seal’s kiss by a Rose to increase donations made for a great show!

Tim may have been upset with Sydni who filmed everyone’s graceful signing talents, but DFK would like to extend many thanks for all her hard work (sustained constant chirping) in allowing us to create this video to capture the night.

Due to the nights success we raised $379 !!

Thanks again to everyone who came out, to Mike who helped to acquire prizes and of course Dharma Sushi and Mother’s Pizza who provided donations to make it the perfect night.

DFK will host another karaoke night (Part 3 or Cari-oke perhaps) in the new year, so stay tuned.



Our plans for 2016 include building relationships with local businesses and agencies supporting vulnerable children in Eastern Africa, connecting with more wonderful supporters, and sending more kids to secondary school. 

Support our growth by writing your plans on a 2016 Dreaming For Kids Wall Calendar, available Dec 1 $25.

Place your order by contacting us:

Sharing Lots of Love and Creating Opportunity- #bowasepe joins our DFK Family


Theresa and I met in Halifax ten years ago working at a speciality grocery store.  As successful busy women, we parted ways and reconnected in 2010 in Thailand where Theresa was teaching English and I was travelling the globe. Coincidently, this was the first time I learned about Dave and all the excitement he created for her. In 10 days, Theresa and I explored Cambodia and she showed me the ropes in Bangkok. Her generosity to take me in, her love for people, adventurous mindset and never turning down a new opportunity, I realized Theresa’s passion to help others and make a difference.  

In 2013, Dreaming For Kids was founded and like clockwork, Theresa connected with me asking why we decided to start DFK and the process that went behind it. Her support and genuine interest in our projects was an inspiration that we could engage a greater community, make a difference and meet our goals. 

Flash forward to October 9th, 2015 when together, Theresa and Dave, opened their hearts and shared their wedding day with Dreaming For Kids. ( Happy Anniversary!!)  In lieu of flowers and party favours they generously decided to support Dreaming For Kids on our mission to empower children in developing nations through education with a donation of

a full year of tuition for one child to go to secondary school as part of our sponsorship program.

We are delighted and honoured to have been part your day and words cannot express our gratitude!    Wishing you a two a life filled with love and laughter.

THANK YOU! xoxox