Good Hope Orphanage and Primary School

Dreaming For Kids is proud work in unison with Good Hope Orphanage and Primary School whose mission is to “Enable dreams, one child at a time”.  Good Hope Orphanage is a loving home for orphans in Arusha, Tanzania. They provide to their children: food, clean water, clothing and shelter. Good Hope also ensures that each child is enrolled in their primary school for the academic term. The source of inspiration at the orphanage is Mama Asha, the founder of Good Hope; she felt such a deep compassion for her community that she decided to give back by creating an orphanage for the street kids of her village. We are pleased to report that 22 orphans are currently under the guidance and leadership of the caring individuals at Good Hope. Good Hope provides a safe home, three meals per day and clothing for their children. Meals include tea, ugali/rice, beans, meat and fresh fruits and vegetables when available. The needs of the orphanage are met through the generosity of donors and volunteers. Ally is our main point of contact, manager of the orphanage and school, and the son of Mamma Asha. He is a kind man always willing to answer any of our many questions about the kids, their progress and to ensure we can skype with the kids. He is devoted to ensuring that the kids of the Arusha community are able to access education and achieve a brighter future.


Sinon Edmond Rice Secondary School

Once the kids are ready to attain their next levels of study, Dreaming For Kids is delighted to collaborate with Edmund Rice Secondary School, also located in Arusha, Tanzania. The school’s motto is “Hope Through Education” and originally began educating students in 1988. Edmund Rice Secondary School is a private Catholic school for young men and women in the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha and is managed by the Congregation of Christian Brothers of East Africa District for the Archdiocese. The staff and students of Edmund Rice strive to live as a community of caring people, not necessarily of the same religious denomination but sharing Christian values and dedication to personal development of the students they serve in whatever capacity that may be. A wide range of extra-curricular activities are available to the students such as sporting activities like football (soccer), netball and table tennis; as well as social clubs that include Amnesty International and Anti-Corruption, health and the environment. While attending school all lodging, food and care are provided by the school. Leo Barrett is our primary contact and is a caring man who provides us letters from the kids twice a year, photos and updates us on the work that Edmund Rice is providing kids of the Arusha community.