An Axellent Night Recap

On Thursday September 18 we held an Axe Throwing Tournament at BATL Grounds to raise funds and awareness, and to bring our community together. It was a great night thanks to everyone who came out, our sponsors, and our supporters.

We had an abundance of great prizes to give away, like Cineplex movie and AGO passes, t-shirts from Mill Street, gift certificates from YNOT, Holy Chucks, Gallant Bicycles, Benefits Cosmetics and Mill Street Brew Pub, and gift baskets.

Longo’s, Pizza Pizza and Subway helped us fill our snack bar, because you can’t throw axes on an empty stomach!

Here are some pictures to tide you over til our next event!

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Come Throw It Down With Us

On Thursday September 18, Dreaming For Kids will be at BATL, 33 Villiers St. Toronto (near the docks). You’re invited to come join the fun, learn how to throw axes, and compete in the round-robin. Light snacks and drinks are included with the ticket.


Nitro Circus Live Fundraiser HUGE Success!!!

On January 3rd  Dreaming For Kids was incredibly fortunate to be able to attend Nitro Circus Live’s very first Canadian Show to auction off a one of a kind helmet signed by the entire Nitro Circus Live crew. Not only was it an incredible show but the fundraiser was an amazing success!  Dreaming For Kids would like to thank everyone for their support and the Nitro Circus Live crew and their fans for their incredible contribution.

We wanted to share the journey of this amazing helmet and give many thanks to the entire Nitro Circus Live crew and especially “Special Greg” for all of his efforts in making this fundraising initiative possible. It all started last year in Moscow, Russia on their 2013 Nitro Circus Live European Tour. The crew received a helmet and “Special Greg” being the gracious man he is, turned to Dreaming For Kids and offered it to us for our fundraising goals. Within days everyone signed the helmet and we knew we had a wonderful opportunity.

As their tour continued, the helmet followed touching Russia, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, UK and the USA until they were able to get it to us on the first leg of their 2014 North American tour on January 3rd in Hamilton, Ontario. Here over 10,000 Nitro Circus Live fans had a chance to win this incredible prize!!

The lucky winner was ALEX CLEARY!!!


Alex Cleary is ten years old from St. Catherines, Ontario. His favorite rider is Travis Pastrana and he loved the Nitro Circus Live show! As it turns out, Alex was not the only one with luck on his side because his mother had also won VIP tickets to the Nitro Circus Live show from Southern Ontario’s Best Rock 97.7 HTZ-FM!

We absolutely want to THANK Nitro Circus Live and Copps Coliseum for allowing us to take part on January 3. To the Nitro Circus Live crew and their fans, thanks so much for supporting us and our cause. Our raffle raised $2900 to go towards our current projects! Everyone has helped Dreaming For Kids on our mission to empower orphaned children in Eastern Africa through access to education and we are forever grateful.

Nitro Circus Live Helmet Giveaway Rules and Regulations

Any contestant who retweets our post before 6pm January 3rd will receive a bonus raffle ticket with purchase @coppscoliseum for a chance to win this amazing helmet SIGNED by the @nitrocircuslive crew!*


Twitter: @kids_dreaming
* Limited to ONE bonus ticket per person

ALL proceeds of this raffle will go towards helping Dreaming For Kids on our mission to empower orphaned children in Eastern Africa through access to education. Take a minute and learn more about Dreaming For Kids and our current projects, including funding thirteen children in Tanzania to attend secondary school.



Nitro Circus Helmet Giveaway

We need to thank our friends at Nitro Circus for giving us this signed helmet to raffle off at their upcoming show at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton on January 3.

The helmet is signed by:

  • Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham
  • Josh Sheehan
  • Gavin, Preston and Gregg Godfry
  • Beau Bamburg
  • Aaron “Crum” Savauge
  • Cam Sinclair
  • Matt Whyatt
  • Bruce Robinson
  • “Special” Greg Powell
  • Jolene Van Vugt “Nitro Girl”
  • Brandon Lupos
  • Chris Haffey
  • “Street Bike” Tommy Pasamente
  • Blake “Bilko” Williams
  • Brody Wilson
  • Matty Mac
  • Dusty Wygle
  • Erik Roner
  • Brandon Schmitt
  • Ryan Williams “R. Willy”
  • Jed Mildon “The Warrior”
  • Jared McNeil
  • Andrew Ahumada
  • Travis Pastrana

Dreaming For Kids will have a booth at Copps Coliseum on January 3 for Nitro Circus live where you can pick up raffle tickets to win this one of a kind headgear.

We hope to see you there!

Thanks For Supporting Us

Great things take time. It’s going to take hard work, dedication, and a lot of time to get these children the education they deserve. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to help us develop our 2014 Dreaming For Kids Tanzania Calendar.

The women who attended the Mary Kay Convention in Quebec last weekend amazed us with their astonishing support. They were able to raise $5 000 by selling 95 Dreaming For Kids calendars and accepting generous donations. This was way more than we expected and we are forever grateful.

Their generosity and support ensures that Dreaming For Kids is able to fund students to attend secondary school. To fund one child’s secondary education costs $6,000. These Mary Kay women helped us take a giant step on our journey to provide these kids with a better future. You can help us reach our goals Contact us to purchase a calendar or make a donation.

Our Current Project

We have produced two calendars filled with vibrant photographs from Tanzania, including photographs of the wonderful children who will benefit from the proceeds. Contact us to inquire about, purchase, or to help us distribute these calendars.

Our Recipients

Swaif and Amiri are our first kids from Good Hope Orphanage Center to recieve secondary school scholarships from Dreaming For Kids; they started Form 1 at Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary school on January 12, 2015. We look forward to having both kids attend the same school where they can share a healthy environment and eat nutritious meals. We wish them the greatest success and we will keep everyone posted on their progress at school!


We’re not only providing healthy meals, a place to live, and an education to these orphans and underprivileged children; we are providing them with the tools they need to develop into self-sufficient adults.

Growth – Education

Dreaming For Kids aspires to provide continuing education opportunities to orphaned and underprivileged kids in East Africa. We hope to empower the most vulnerable with the building blocks for a better future and the tools needed to become self-sustaining members of their community.