The World Bank Supports Real Learning in Tanzanian Classrooms

Learn more about what going to school is like in Tanzania, why it’s important to help, and who is helping!

Get educated on the “Big Results Now in Education” program put on by the World Bank and other supporters.

Secondary school from Swaif’s Perspective

Copy of Swaif Letter

Wanna race?

On Sunday May 3rd we’ll be Running a Relay For Kids as part of the Goodlife Toronto Marathon. Form a team and fundraise for a good cause! Up to 8 runners per team.

Price: $400

Start time: 7:30 am

Contact us for more details

Prizes and celebrations to follow.

DFK Presents: Classroom Seven

Last year, Dreaming For Kids’ community and the wonderful donors from Good Hope Orphanage enabled Good Hope Primary School to be completed with the building of Classroom Seven. This allowed Amiri and Swaif to graduate and be our first recipients for our scholarship program.


We were not only able to build classroom Seven, but a computer classroom as well. Currently, the  students in Civics class draw a keyboard and practice typing from their books. Our hope is to fill this classroom with computers so that the children can practice on real computers. Have an old computer lying around?

Contact us at

2015 Focus

We are providing access to continuing education to kids at Good Hope Orphanage Centre, our partner organization in Arusha, Tanzania, through our primary school building grants and secondary school scholarship program. The scholarship program enables these kids to receive high school level education in a safe learning environment with healthy food and passionate educators, providing them with the building blocks for success.


Exciting Scholarship Announcement!

Dreaming For Kids is incredibly proud to present the first two recipients of our secondary school scholarships – Swaif and Amiri!

photo 1

In 2014 we launched the Dreaming For Kids Secondary School Scholarship Program to provide kids access to education who would not otherwise get the opportunity. Through a partnership with Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School in Arusha, Tanzania, we have had the great privilege of making high school a reality for these two inspiring students, which will empower them for the future.

Amiri and Swaif started their first semester, Form 1 (Grade 8),  on January 12th, 2015. We wish them the greatest success and will continue to keep everyone updated on their progress.

We could not make these opportunities possible without the generous contributions from our supporters, and for that, the entire DFK team would like to say “THANK YOU!”


Thanks for a Great 2014!

This is our way of saying thank you for everything over the past year. We could not have accomplished what we have without the support of people like YOU.

Recapping an Incredible 2014!

We cannot believe what a great success 2014 has been for Dreaming For Kids. We are very thankful for everyone’s support and we could not have done it without you, so THANK YOU!!
We started our year off with a bang and celebrated an unforgettable fundraising night at the Nitro Circus Show in Hamilton. Our lucky supporter, Alex Cleary, took home a donated and signed helmet from the Nitro Crew.

Next up was our night to cheer on the Ottawa Senators. With the help of some many dedicated Sens fans we raised $1000 towards our DFK scholarship program

We kicked off the Fall season with an AXECELLENT night at BATL Grounds in Toronto with a fun and exciting axe throwing tournament. It was a great evening to raise funds and awareness for Dreaming For Kids and to bring our Toronto community together!

We then went out East to Halifax Nova Scotia and hosted a Karaoke night with Dalhousie’s 2016 MBA class. It was a fun filled night of laughter singing and celebrating Dreaming For Kids’  continued education program.

This holiday season also ran  our second annual Dreaming For Kids Calendar initiative with much success!

In addition to the funds raised at a number of great events we received many donations from our generous supporters.

Overall 2014 has allowed Dreaming For Kids  to raise over $6700 for our scholarship fund. We are elated at the continued support and cannot wait to see what 2015 brings.


Karaoke MBA Style

On November 14th Dreaming For Kids held a Karaoke night in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our goal to bring Dalhousie MBA’s together for a well-deserved, fun filled night while raising awareness of our organizations mission and how far we have come in the last year! The night was a smashing success and thanks to the generosity of those who attended we raised over $400 for our Dreaming for Kids scholarship fund.

Thanks to Molson, Julie Himmleman, Bistro LeCoq and Dirty Nelly’s for their generous donations and allowing us to have great door prizes for our guests. Last but not least, a big thank you to Dalhousie’s Grad House for allowing us to host an overwhelming successful event.

We look forward to hosting another event soon because who doesn’t love signing, laughing and being around great people!

Here are some pictures from our event!

What We’re Thankful For

At this time of year we stop to give thanks to family and friends. Dreaming For Kids would like to thank all of our friends who donated items, came to throw down with us, and last but not least, to thank those who couldn’t come but made a donation anyways.

We are very grateful for all of your kindness in helping out initiative of providing kids in Eastern Africa access to education, a reality!

With all of your help, we successfully raised enough money to send one child to secondary school for a year and a half in just one night!

The opportunity to send these kids to High School where they will receive a safe place to learn, laugh and explore would not be possible without you, so THANK YOU!!!