Grad House Karaoke

On December 4, 2015 the Grad House opened their doors for the second time to Dreaming For Kids. With the help of Dharma Sushi, Mother’s pizza and Dalhousie’s MBA cohort it was the prefect pre exam karaoke event.

The night kicked off with the help of Romo who sang “Hey Ho” with me, Kurt who manned the karaoke “machine” (his computer) and 20 students who were ready to sing.  

The unforgettable duo of Percho and Tilly singing Angel by Shaggy and Mike who sang an amazing rendition of Seal’s kiss by a Rose to increase donations made for a great show!

Tim may have been upset with Sydni who filmed everyone’s graceful signing talents, but DFK would like to extend many thanks for all her hard work (sustained constant chirping) in allowing us to create this video to capture the night.

Due to the nights success we raised $379 !!

Thanks again to everyone who came out, to Mike who helped to acquire prizes and of course Dharma Sushi and Mother’s Pizza who provided donations to make it the perfect night.

DFK will host another karaoke night (Part 3 or Cari-oke perhaps) in the new year, so stay tuned.