Why I Started Dreaming For Kids


With so many charities to support and great causes to get behind, so many amazing organizations providing education to children around the world, why did I choose to create Dreaming For Kids? That’s easy: these kids.

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As a Canadian, I had the good fortune to never be denied education. In fact, I’m currently completing my MBA, thanks to financial support from the government and a bank and emotional support from friends and family, and it’s providing me with the skillset to challenge and change society for the better. I want to pass that opportunity onto others.

While teaching abroad for two years in South Korea, I realized the importance of education beyond my own backyard. Then, after spending six weeks at Good Hope Orphanage in Tanzania to help educate over 200 elementary-school students who didn’t even have the seventh-grade classroom they needed to graduate primary school, I knew more needed to be done.

I thought, why not risk the investment of time, energy, and money when the reward – sending bright and motivated kids to school – is so great. Seeing Amiri and Swaif’s faces when we told them they were going to attend Edmond Rice Secondary School, and then the pride they showed when posing in their new school uniforms, made all of this hard work feel effortless.

My advice to people who want to take action and show their passion? Just do it. Find time, make time, and you’ll be amazed by the opportunities it creates and the sense of reward you get from it. Not to mention the difference you can make for others.

Dreaming For Kids has become my family and there is no greater gift than that. When people tell me how lucky these kids are, I truly think it’s the whole DFK community that’s luckier.