School’s Out for the Summer!

Amiri and Swaif are happy to be back visiting Good Hope Orphanage for summer vacation (one month). I was lucky enough to catch them briefly on skype and they were very pleased with their first semester. They both said that they are learning a lot and making lots of new friends!

They both look very happy and have grown so much since I was last there!!

Edmund Rice emailed to say that their report cards came out June 12th! We are patiently waiting for a copy, but for those who have been to Tanzania know, Tanzanian time is “pole, pole” (meaning slow).

We cannot wait to share Amiri and Swaif’s progress with all of you. We would again like to thank everyone for their support! They will resume class on July 8th and they will take the same subjects: English, Swahili, and math.