Education is the Key to Achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

In 2000, 147 Heads of State and Government met in New York City and pledged to cut extreme poverty across the globe in HALF by the year 2015. They agreed to 8 Millennium Development Goals (MGDs) which serve as the blueprint to improve the human condition and those who are born into poverty.  Here is a breakdown of the 8 MGDs

  1. To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  2. To achieve universal primary education
  3. To promote gender equality
  4. To reduce child mortality
  5. To improve maternal health
  6. To combat HIV/AIDSmalaria, and other diseases
  7. To ensure environmental sustainability[1]
  8. To develop a global partnership for development[2]

We believe that EDUCATION is the catalyst to improving the human condition and eradicating poverty. Check out this UNESCO presentation on how providing education is the key to achieving the 8 MGDs


Running For Kids Results Are In

Hey all, here are some pictures from our last event, Running For Kids. Thanks to everyone’s help, we raised $1485! That translates into about a year and a half of boarding school for one of our kids. Imagine that! One day of running and fun, along with some training, and we raised enough for a full year and a half of education, boarding, food, and the joy that comes with those things.

Thanks again to everyone! Please stay tuned for our upcoming events, including our second annual Axcellent Night.

Running For Kids Recap

Wow! What a day we had for a run this past Sunday at Goodlife’s Marathon Run. The sun was shining, a nice cool breeze was coming from the lake and all the runners seemed to be in good spirits as they tackled the road like Forrest Gump. Dreaming ForKids entered two teams for the Marathon Relay and with 15 runners in total, put in the 6th and 7th best times overall. We were really proud of everyone who participated! Not only did everyone put in great runs for their respective legs of the race, but also showed up on time with no real planning issues (our friend Charles might disagree,  who ran without his metro pass and found  himself in Mimico with a long walk back into the city. It’s OK, great cool down).

It was my first race experience and I must say, everyone should try it at least once. Going into the race, I worried about being able to finish and many people alluded to “Race Adrenaline” which I didn’t really understand until I took part in the race. With all these other runners around you, people cheering you on from the side and water stations every few kilometers, I seemed to have found an extra gear that made finishing easier than any practice run I had went on beforehand. Seeing great signs like “Run like you have to poop”, “You thought they said Rum” and “OH YES YOU CAN!” certainly helped push me closer and closer to the finish line which eventually came with thousands of supporters cheering us on.

After the race, most of the runners and many more friends got together at William’s Landing for a well deserved brunch and drinks. Not only were we blown away with the level of participation in the race, but we were more than ecstatic to see everyone come out for the brunch after. The food was delicious and we awarded prizes to the runners. A big thank you to @Caplansky’s and the @AGO for providing prizes to our runners who were more than deserving of a little extra incentive (other than the beer).

We couldn’t have asked for more from the day and because of the great people who helped be a part of our team we raised over a thousand dollars. That’s right $1000! We are so proud and thankful of everyone who took part in our event and we look forward to seeing everyone soon. 

Next up for the Dreaming For Kids team is our annual Axe Throwing event. Please keep your ear to the ground for future details and feel free to reach out to anyone on the team if your interest in purchasing tickets as there will be a limited quantity.

Have a great day everyone and keep dreaming!