Ready! Set! We’re Running For Kids!

Running For Kids, the two teams representing Dreaming For Kids to relay the Goodlife Toronto Marathon, are all set to race this Sunday, May 3rd. Afterwards, we’ll make our way to Williams Landing in Liberty Village to celebrate!

All our supporters are encouraged to join us at the finish line as well as at our after party brunch at Williams Landing. There will be prizes! Our reservation is for 12:30 PM.

There is also still time to sponsor a runner or team. Just click the Donate tab on our website, email money transfer to, or give cash to a runner!

We are really looking forward to this Sunday and hope to see you there!

Running For Kids Is Only Ten Days Away

We’re only ten days away from Running For Kids, where our runners will relay 5, 7.5, and 10 km of the Goodlife Toronto Marathon, to raise money towards Dreaming For Kids initiatives. All our runners are training up for the big day.

After the race, May 3 at 12:30 pm, we’ll be enjoying brunch at Williams Landing in Liberty Village. Come by to support us and have fun on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Everyone who attends will have a chance to win some prizes!

We also have two runners racing in the half marathon and we are excited to congratulate Pat Brousseau and John Aitken on a job well done!

On Sunday April 26 we will be having a group 5 km run at 11 am in Queens park. Message us for details!

Runners, you can download the following Pledge From to help yourself raise money.


Supporters, you can donate through PayPal by clicking the donate tab above, email money transfer to, or by giving cash to a runner or volunteer.

Why I’m Running For Kids

I remember in January 2011 when news of the Egyptian revolution started to spread like fire through news outlets, Facebook and various other social media sites. It was a day of hope as my relatives rejoiced in the news that President Mubarak’s reign was soon coming to a close (he would resign on February 11th).  Yet 4 years later, the country seems to be at more of a political unrest than it had before this revolution began.

My father was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt where he would go on to attain a degree in Engineering from the University of Cairo in 1968. He then came to Canada in 1975 to get his Masters from the University of Concordia and at the ripe age of 58 went back to do his MBA at the University of Ottawa.

It was an inspiration to see my father go back to school that late into his career. He had already accomplished so much that it was hard to believe anyone would want to go back to school when many people his age were thinking of what they would do in retirement. He would always preach the importance of “Knowledge is power” and was always supportive of any educational endeavors  my sisters or I pursued.

Education isn’t cheap though and my father, thanks to his hard work in school and professionally, he afforded me any opportunity I ever wanted. I am always grateful for that, which is why Dreaming For Kids is so important to me. It provides these children with the opportunity to get an education which can possibly alter their future for the better. Perhaps its to post secondary school, maybe it’s a chance to emigrate to another country, it can even be something as little as spreading what they’ve learned from others.

When I look at what’s going on in Egypt I often wonder, what would have happened if my father never left to pursue his education.  I doubt I ever would have been born (don’t think he and my mother would have ever met), but it’s also a reminder of how blessed I am to be in a country where our education is readily available to each and every one of us.  In a perfect world everyone would have access to education and a better life, and through Dreaming For Kids my hope is that we can make that a little easier for some kids. Whether it’s the political unrest in Egypt, an orphanage in Tanzania or a non-profit in Canada, hope is always the first step to a revolution.

By Tarek Kassem

Running For Kids is Right around the Corner!

Don’t forget that on Sunday May 3rd Dreaming For Kids will be Running For Kids!! Join us as part of a relay team to participate in the Goodlife Marathon in Toronto. It’s not too late to sign up as an individual or to put in your own team!

Have you ever been…

Curious to run a race but hesitant or intimidated by how to get started?

An experienced runner who wants to participate in the Goodlife Marathon but don’t have the time to train for the full run?

If so, then this event is perfect for you!  Teams can be comprised of up to eight runners to complete the marathon, so the distance is you wish to run is up to you – 5k, 7.5K or 10k – work with your team on what your relay goal will be! And best of all – Its for a GREAT cause.

Contact us for more details and to sign up



There are still a few weeks to prepare. Check out these 5k and 10k Training Plans from Runners world to help you get ready to Run For Kids!

5K Training Plans (all levels)

10K Training Plans (all levels)


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