Nitro Circus Helmet Giveaway

We need to thank our friends at Nitro Circus for giving us this signed helmet to raffle off at their upcoming show at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton on January 3.

The helmet is signed by:

  • Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham
  • Josh Sheehan
  • Gavin, Preston and Gregg Godfry
  • Beau Bamburg
  • Aaron “Crum” Savauge
  • Cam Sinclair
  • Matt Whyatt
  • Bruce Robinson
  • “Special” Greg Powell
  • Jolene Van Vugt “Nitro Girl”
  • Brandon Lupos
  • Chris Haffey
  • “Street Bike” Tommy Pasamente
  • Blake “Bilko” Williams
  • Brody Wilson
  • Matty Mac
  • Dusty Wygle
  • Erik Roner
  • Brandon Schmitt
  • Ryan Williams “R. Willy”
  • Jed Mildon “The Warrior”
  • Jared McNeil
  • Andrew Ahumada
  • Travis Pastrana

Dreaming For Kids will have a booth at Copps Coliseum on January 3 for Nitro Circus live where you can pick up raffle tickets to win this one of a kind headgear.

We hope to see you there!